Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Drug Rehabilitation Program - Fresh Start

Narconon Fresh Start is one of the most eminent and successful drug rehabilitation programs in the world having outstanding success rate on its credit. This drugs and alcoholic rehabilitation center endeavors with holistic drug free treatment and detoxification along with the cognitive behavioral theory.  Narconon Fresh Start rehabilitation center is situated in a calm and soothing environment ensuring 75% success rate within 6 months. Its life skill courses and various healthier techniques help people to overcome their drug addiction in a quite natural way.

Drug addiction is related to a one’s emotional as well as cognitive behaviour. It should not be taken as a disease. It is possible to get rid of tendencies towards drugs use with the help of Sunshine Summit Rehab Program. This rehabilitation program has achieved the international recognition showing outstanding results. 

Narconon Sunshine Summit helps people suffering drugs and alcohol addiction restoring them back to their normal healthy life through our effective drug rehabilitation program. Instead of filling the bodies of addicts with more chemicals, Narconon experts apply natural process of detoxification.

Drug Free life

Journey towards a Drugs Free Life 

The drug rehabilitation program of Sunshine Summit Lodge comprises comprehensive cure and care of a person. The program takes 3-5 months for recovering a person for drug addiction. After spending, somewhat long but productive time at Sunshine Summit Lodge you can enjoy happy and healthy life in future. We serve our clients with best suited services to them. Our medical professionals are all the time available at lodge. After every hour, the physicians discuss the problems of addict sand suggest them the best and effective tips to overcome the issues.

Drug Withdrawal with Natural Detoxification

Sunshine Summit Lodge rehab program is unique in detoxifying the body with natural process; hence the rehab program comprises mostly physical and recreational activities. Instead of giving more chemicals to the patient in washing out drugs from the body, drug rehabilitation at Sunshine is mostly exercise and coaching based. The victims of drug addiction are delivered lecture to help them overcome their temptation for drugs. With the passage of time, the clients at Sunshine begin to restore their confidence and feel the value of positive attitudes.

Education and Life Skills Courses

During Sunshine Summit Lodge Rehab program, the clients are offered various educational courses also. They not only keep them busy but also prove helpful in their future life. The communication courses offered at Sunshine Summit Rehab program teach people how they to communicate effectively with others. These courses are also supportive in grooming the social interaction which the people suffering drug addiction usually lose.

Internship Program 

Narconon drug rehabilitation program offers three months internship program to the graduates. The graduates who join this are those who want to help others who are facing the same issues of drug addiction. During the whole internship period they are trained and polished enough to assist others.


The Sunshine Summit Lodge Rehab program is divided into chunks to treat the addicts effectively and completely. Removing the habit of addiction is not an easy task that is why patients during recovery period face difficulties. But Narconon rehab program is employs unique and innovative long techniques that are sure to bring maximum success that is praised at international scale. Complete recovery from drug addiction is not an impossible task at Sunshine Summit Rehab program.