Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The best hair loss protocol review

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Hair loss protocol review
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Drug Addiction: Causes & Prevention

The issue of drug addiction is present in our world for a long time. The UN report establishes horrific consequences of drug addiction as it was reported that nearly 200,000 people are killed each year due to drug addiction. Moreover, the UN also provides that an amount of $250 billion needs to be incurred every year to treat the drug addicts of their misery. It is also proved by the Associated Press that only one in five (20%) people actually receive the treatment and the rest are exposed to the danger of death or miserable consequences.

However having said that, the drug addiction cure is still not an easy task and is mostly not allowed by the addict himself. The reason why addiction is so hard to control resides in the very fact that the patient is not willing to forego his ill habit of addiction. There is a need of developing a will power firstly in an individual so that he understands the demerits of addiction and decides to get rid of this dreadful habit. Narconon Fresh Start establishes the importance of life for the individuals succumbed to addiction. It is only because of this that the clients at Narconon facilities are encouraged to use their will power required to take up the hefty challenge of avoiding drugs. 

Narconon’s Life Detoxification Program
While treating the drug addiction, there is an extreme need of dealing with the cravings for drugs that an individual has to go through. The prolonged usage of drugs makes the human body addicted to those substances and harmful elements. This is the prime reason why flushing out and getting rid of the harmful materials out of human body is so important as the addict does not want to leave drugs only because of the cravings caused by the residuals leftover in body. The drug free detoxification approach used by the Narconon Fresh Start is extremely efficient in getting the human body cleared of metabolites from body. Vitamins are supplied to the human body for effectively building resilience against drugs and recovering the bodily weak organs.

Variable Program Length
The program length is varies for each patient. It is primarily because of the Narconon Fresh Start philosophy treats each patient on an individual basis and the length may vary but still it is generally around 3 to 4 months. The program success rate of completion is around 76% and this high success rate of relieving patients from addiction is remarkable when compared with other similar treatments. However, the patients who have graduated from the program are allowed to return back within 6 months of their departure if they still feel problems and health issues in dealing with the drugs.

Holistic and Secular Approach
Unlike the other similar programs, the Narconon Fresh Start aims at building the patients’ will power and learns a changed behaviour working together with Narconon’s professionals in close attachment to relieve them of substance abuse. Narconon Fresh Start has gained excellent reputation and trustworthiness from people belonging to all spheres of life. The program’s practical approach, successful applicability to diverse addict groups and efficient drug free treatment approach have done remarkably well for the society. The clients are effectively treated at various stages of addiction.

Substance Abuse: A Life-threatening Menace

Substance abuse is one of the serious social issues as millions of people suffer from addiction. Consequently, they recoil into loneliness, reject society values and find themselves ignoring personal values and integrity. It becomes impossible for them to live their daily life without a regular dose of drugs. Surviving such turmoil and getting rid of substance addiction is not an easy task. It demands aid from people close to you, and tremendous willpower. Narconon Fresh Start is designed to cope with both. The program opens an excellent opportunity for you to leave behind addiction, and start a new healthy life. The program reflects L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophy of focusing behavioral modification. This distinguishes the program from all the other programs.

Narconon Fresh Start – Program Mechanics
What makes drug addiction more severe is that it causes physical and emotional stress, urging the addict to take regular dose. Narconon Fresh Start program aims at the root causes of substance addiction and their ultimate solution. The program offers medical supplements, aimed at flushing away drugs and metabolites and supplying body with vitamins.

Educational Training
Behavioral modification involves inculcating skills in clients to communicate and talk about their worries and problems with the instructors at the program. This very quality helps people to face their challenges in life and defeat them. The perception course is designed to help addicts to improve and their analytical skills, to understand situations and act in a positive way. This helps in quick decision making.

Understanding Positive Values and Attitudes
Narconon Fresh Start aims at all those situations which drive people to substance addiction. Narconon's Ups and Downs in life Course sharpens the clients’ abilities to solve covert problems, and thereby keep themselves from taking drugs as an escape. Once this phase is completed, clients are able to understand and solve various issues of their lives and adopt a constructive attitude. Clients are trained to handle negative influences also.

Personal Values and Integrity Course
People used to take drugs lose their confidence and feel shy to meet people. To cope with this, Narconon Fresh Start engages its clients in many healthy social activities and restores their confidence. Moreover Narconon's Personal Values and Integrity Course offer opportunities to learn ethical Values and their place in life, and relations with friends and family. Such learning on the part of the clients help them live a normal life.

Changing conditions in life Course
Everyone has to make difficult choices and decisions in life. For drug addicts, these choices can are usually very difficult to adopt. With this course, the clients are trained to make better decisions, on account of enhanced self-confidence and thus improve their lives. The clients start taking interest in life and try their level best to make progress.

Follow Up Program
Narconon Fresh Start never disconnects with its graduates and their family members. The graduate's mental stability is monitored and closely observed, and special assistance is also provided to those who are in need of it even after completion their treatment at Narconon facility.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Drug & Alcohol Addiction: Realistic Claims of Correction & Normality

The roots of drug addiction are getting strong day by day around the world. The drug or substance abuse must be addressed with the correct and realistic approach. Narconon Fresh Start fulfills all the requirements which are important to cater this much very personal issue. According to Narconon rehab philosophy, drug addiction is not a disease; it is a change of behavior and thus can’t be rated as a disease. Narconon Fresh Start as a drug rehabilitation program follows not the traditional methods of correcting the addictive behavior and thus doesn’t replace drugs with further drugs to cure addiction. Instead, the program aims at rebuilding the character and attitude of the addicts and impart them the education on the worth of integrity and direction. The state of the art features of the program succeed in achieving 76% success rate that is amazingly remarkable in the whole world.

A Holistic Rehab Approach 

During rehabilitation process, different exercises, therapies and massages are given to the participants and via sweating and excretion the drugs are flushed out from the bodies. The drug craving is reduced and finally eliminated by the very natural sauna detoxification therapy. Though it is elongated and tough treatment phase but at the end of this program they become completely drug free and they do not feel craving for drug anymore. Narconon Fresh Start not only focuses on removing one’s addiction but it also enhances the physical and spiritual health of its clients. Three times a day, a meal full of nutrients and vitamins is served to clients to make them healthy and active and meet the challenges of drugs withdrawal successfully. Substituting one drug with others is not believed by Narconon Fresh Start professionals, they make their level best to impart their clients the best therapeutic environment to take a fresh start in lives.

Behavioral Modification

Self-reliance and self-realization are very important for facing challenges of upcoming life. Basically after losing self-confidence people become addict of drugs which are harmful for them and make them weaker and down. In Narconon Fresh Start, the students are offered with education courses and counseling skills. This technique is promising to equip clients with sobriety. Narconon Fresh Start rehab program welcomes everyone who seriously wants to get ultimate rid from addiction evil. It is the positive attitude of Narconon towards humanity that without any kind of discrimination treatments are given to the clients on the bases of equality. 

Internship program

At the completion of the treatment programs the successful graduates become capable to get involve voluntarily or through our internship program in giving care to those who come to the lodge with the same problems. For getting enrolled in internship program one has to pay very small fee for three months. The internship program not only improves the personality of graduate but it also adds an experience in your profile hence making more chances to avail good job in any drug rehabilitation center. 

Narconon: A Reliable Option for A Perfect Recovery From Addiction

You just waste your time and money if you choose a rehab institution which believes in past and only uses inadequate and ineffective techniques for remedy to addition. Just in accordance to your requirements for the complete treatment of the addiction victim, Narconon Fresh Start is the best rehabilitation center. Narconon understands the physical, mental and spiritual conditions of the drug users and treats them accordingly with very effective and unique techniques.

Narconon aims at Developing a Positive Personality

At Narconon Fresh Start facilities, the clients are never treated as patients rather they are welcomed as students. The program instructors are experts in their relevant fields and hence provide the clients with utmost care and perfect treatment. They try to bring each participant upto the level of sobriety and make them productive citizens of the society. They are taught to realize the fact that they are also important members of society. Thus Narconon Fresh Start rehab program distinguishes itself not only as a drug rehab program but also as building positive and constructive personality traits in people victim to drug addiction.

Commendable Detoxification Program
You will find the whole Narconon Fresh Start rehab program drug-free. It follows natural methods for the removal of drugs residual from an addict’s body. This rehab program highly discourages the continuous use of clinical drugs during treatment as Narconon believes that it is equivalent to replace drugs with drugs instead of washing out the effects of previous drugs from the body. The natural withdrawal is a permanent remedy against drug addiction and people never or very rarely revert back to addiction after getting natural detoxification treatment from Narconon. Narconon Fresh Start offers New Life Detoxification Program for a solid and quick recovery from addiction. This commendable detoxification program is based on Sauna therapy which is unique in its own.

Narconon Fresh Start claims 76% success results and it proves the efficacy of the program and its comprehensiveness. This much success is the highest among success rates of other drug rehab programs. Across the globe Narconon is spreading its branches with the aim of eliminating drugs and alcohol from the Earth.

Mental, Spiritual and Physical Rehabilitation

Narconon Fresh Start focuses mental, spiritual and physical health of an addict. Unlike other rehab programs, Narconon Fresh Start does not make money by defrauding innocent people and giving them inadequate facilities and treatments for getting freedom from addiction. Narconon believes in its strong approach that is why it offers free of cost treatment to those people who after spending six months at Narconon revert back to addiction but this happens rarely.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seeking Drug Abuse Treatment? Know where to go?

Narconon Fresh Start – the best solution to drug addiction

Seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is never so easy despite the fact that there a number of rehab centers are available round the globe. The stereotypical treatment methodology of most of the rehab centers is what we can call the major impediment that disappoint the addicts join these centers with great hopes. Moreover they treat the addicts collectively, replacing their drugs with other drugs in order to liberate them from addiction. 

In this scenario, Narconon Fresh Start distinguishes itself with features that are hardly available anywhere else; the methodology, drug-free detox, individual care and treatment, healthy activities and life skills courses. Above all, at Narconon rehab facilities, the clients are never labelled as addicts rather they are thought to be students who need to learn to modify their addictive behavior. With such features Narconon Fresh Start stands distinguished with an amazing success results that is 76%, hardly comparable with any other rehab center in the world.

Narconon’s Therapeutic Environment

The first and foremost pre-requisite of a rehab program is that it should provide a therapeutic environment from the humdrum of city life. It should also be well-equipped with all necessary features of a rehab centers. Narconon Fresh Start rehab facilities do fulfill these basic criteria and are admired by the Narconon graduates in Narconon Fresh Start reviews. The clients feel at home at Narconon facilities that nestle them in an environment that is conducive to think and act positively. 

Narconon’s Rehab Philosophy

Narconon Fresh Start follows cognitive behavioral modification philosophy to treat drug and alcohol addiction on the concept of L. Ron Hubbard. Drug addiction treatment at Narconon rehab program begins with New Life Detoxification program that aims at liberating the addicts from cravings and compulsions that are caused by the drug metabolites stored in the addicts’ bodies. To remove the residuals from body, the clients are provided with Sauna therapy that is perfectly natural method of getting rid of cravings. Moreover the professionals at Narconon impart education to modify their behavior and make them productive and positive in their attitude with no inclination to drugs or alcohol. Narconon program is not time bound and in different cases it could vary according to the intensity of the problem and the psychological condition of the clients. The clients are provided a drug-free detoxification.

Education at Narconon Rehab Facilities

In addition to their medical treatment, Narconon Fresh Start includes a number of useful courses for the clients that are designed to teach them better communicative skills and the value of a meaningful and positive life. A lasting sobriety is the prime objective of all teaching at Narconon facilities that is achieved through various engaging activities and opportunities of social interaction. A few programs that have garnered a great appreciation in Narconon Fresh Start reviews include Communication & Perception Course, Ups and Downs in Life Course, Personal Values and Integrity Course and Changing Conditions in Life Course.

Narconon Fresh Start – a Rehab Methodology that can Change your Life

Narconon Fresh Start is for people who have problems with drugs. Since beginning its services half a century ago, it has come a long way. It is responsible for helping people who have lost their lives completely to drugs. It shakes their habits and rebuilds their lives. Narconon Fresh Start has an amazing success ratio of 75 percent. Narconon Fresh Start even gives a six-month guarantee during which previous clients can return to the facility if they fail to restrain from their destructive habits and need help again, which is very unlikely due to the success the program experiences. It not only helps people to get a grip of their lives but also teaches them skills that they have forgotten which will help them cope socially.

Drug Rehabilitation & Drug Education

Narconon Fresh Start stands with the initiative that every individual suffering from substance abuse has the strength to stand back on his feet and let go of his drug addiction. Narconon Fresh Start Program simply lends the tools and help they need to discover that. It not only focuses on helping the physical self-heal from the destructive drug habits, but helps the spirit regain its strength and build confidence to enter the world yet again.

Drug Free Detoxification

Narconon Fresh Start stands out from other programs because of its detoxification program. This program is different because of the radical ways it implements to curb drug addiction. When drugs are used, some of them manage to stay inside the body. The stored drugs are taken out of the body by various methods such as exercising which reduces total body fat index and hence eliminates storage for drugs. Saunas are also effective because they make sweat which cleanses the body too. Vitamins and mineral supplements are a must as they help the body to recover from the effects of drug addiction and Narconon Fresh Start Program starts a strict regime to implement their dosage.

Individual Care

Narconon Fresh Start Program takes special care to keep the patient monitored to follow his recovery. The addicts rehabilitated at Narconon facility are much appreciative of it in Narconon Fresh Start Reviews. When the addict manages to reach the withdrawal stage which is deemed the most critical one, the facility starts to teach the person basic life skills which are lost by drug abuse. These are absolutely necessary if the addict is to refrain from stepping into any such addictions in the future which can lead back to square one. The person has to be taught to find his reason in life and to rebuild what is lost or in some cases start over.

Narconon believes that everybody deserves a second chance, and the drug rehabilitation program at Narconon Fresh Start strives to provide second chances. Furthermore, Narconon Fresh Start is also spreading awareness among the younger generation about drug abuse with ongoing drug education programs for schools to ensure that children have a drug free future.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Narconon Fresh Start - The Best of Drug Rehab

Drug abuse is one of the stark realities of the current era and one that can be damaging to both the person involved and those associated with them directly or indirectly. To counter this, a number of drug rehabilitation programs are functioning across the country that aims to ratify the situation.

Narconon Fresh Start - A Worldwide Recognition

Narconon Fresh Start is one such drug rehabilitation facility that has garnered wide acclaim for its Fresh Start program that is designed to help suffering drug addicts get back on their feet and learn to take control of their lives by putting an end to their addiction. The program has come a long way since its introduction to the society at large nearly fifty years ago, and boasts of a greater than seventy five percent success rate.  Narconon Fresh Start is based mainly on the theory of Scientology put forward by Dr. Ron Hubbard which focuses on spiritual as well as physical healing. 

Natural Methods of detoxification

Narconon Fresh Start Program is made up of a drug free detoxification regimen that shuns the traditional methods of getting rid of the residual drugs in the body by employing more drugs and instead use a unique approach involving exercise and sauna sessions which help to release the drug stored within the fat reserves. This is supplemented by a high dose of essential vitamins that aims to replace the nutrients lost with sweat during the detoxification. 

Narconon Rehabilitation Therapy

Once the initial process of flushing the residual drugs from within the body is done with, the critical phase of withdrawal lies ahead, which has to be managed effectively if the drug rehabilitation is to succeed. Unfortunately, this is exactly where other drug rehab programs have taken advantage of the precarious state of these individuals and declared their being drug free to being the same as having finished rehab. However, Narconon understands that the real challenge of rehabilitation lies with safely escorting the individual through this turbulent time as the body craves the drug to function normally, without which the drug addict is essentially a madman and will do anything in his power to fuel his addiction, thus making the management of this phase very critical to the successful outcome of the rehabilitation therapy.

Educational Courses

The next step is nursing the individual back to a healthy philosophy of life, the lack of which might have been led to drug abuse in the first place, and the Narconon Fresh Start Program achieves this through a number of courses that are designed to nurture and imbue the spirit of the individual with a desire to live in such a way that is both beneficial to themselves and for others around them, thus making Narconon the best drug rehabilitation facility out there that you could possibly hope for.  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Narconon Fresh Start - the Real Healer!

Drug addiction is one of the major troubles and cause of various social problems in today’s world. The drug mafias sell addiction and harmful drugs to their customers and earn hefty amounts while the addicts fall prey to these mafias and drugs. The drugs are more concentrated and have long last effect now than ever before. This is the major cause of affecting the drug addicts so adversely and increasing their drug cravings to higher limits. These high concentrated and refined drugs are also very dangerous for one’s health and a number of drug addicts have lost their life due to failing body organs. A number of drug rehab programs are in place for treating the patients in an effective manner.

However, these programs do not come up to the expectations of patients and society as advertised and claimed. The low addiction cure success rate has been an alarming one in many ways. Firstly, it shows that the current practices of treating the addicts are failing largely and secondly it shows the inability of patients to come out of the addiction more easily. Narconon Fresh Start program however is an excellent result producing holistic addiction treatment plan. The program encompasses a set of courses and programs used to improve upon the many factors. Some of the excellent courses that are part of the holistic program are described below:

1. Way to Happiness Course
The Narconon Fresh Start program philosophy does not only consider curing and improving the physical health of patients but also pays close attention to the mental and emotional aspects of patients’ lives. The patients are taught to effectively manage their lives through mental satisfaction achievement rather than going for drugs and addiction. Twenty-one principles of achieving an excellent life are taught to teach how to make the life ethically and morally refined. The patients are taught to handle the life situations by following the golden rules and principles put forth by decades and centuries of experiences.

2. Medical Liaison Services
The Narconon Fresh Start program authorities have also come up with this service to help the patients get medical help in time of need. The Medical Liaison Officer is assigned to patients for looking after their needs of visiting other medial hospitals and doctors. Transportation and other relevant facilities are arranged by them, however the costs of various transportation and other related expenses have to be paid by the patients.

3. Internship Program
The Narconon Fresh Start graduates are offered the opportunity to have an internship with the program. The graduates are in essence asked to pay a small fee and stay in the program for up to 3 months time. The intern is trained in the field of drug rehabilitation service provision as room and board are also provided to the intern as he gets trained. By enrolling in the program as an intern the work ethics are learnt by the internee and he can serve the society to keep away from drug addiction in a better way. The internees can also have a promising career as they return home from the program.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Drug Free Treatment of Substance Abuse

Narconon Fresh Start believes in drug free treatment and restoring the clients from addiction with the help education and healthy activities. The clients at Narconon are provided with the best educational courses such as life skill course, communicative skill course and the Way to Happiness course. The prime objective of Narconon rehab program is to help the clients to abandon dependence on drugs and live a life of direction and integrity. Following is the introduction to basic drug free treatment philosophy of Narconon Fresh Start. 

Possibilities of Cure from Addiction

The drug addiction is not incurable but it is generally considered as an ill handled phenomenon. The drug addiction is a complex aspect problem and has many layers of problematic aspects. The patients are normally faced by social pressures and life challenges that lead to taking drugs for satisfaction. There are a number of associated issues other than physical and bodily cravings for drugs, and these need to be comprehensively tackled for the sake of drug addiction eradication. There are various drug addiction treatment programs out there that claim to produce excellent results but are still unable to cure all the patients especially those unable to intake the medical drugs. 

The physical structure and vital body organs are very weak in case of many long drug consuming addicts which calls for that fact that they cannot intake chemical and medical drugs to cure themselves. This has in fact caused much of a problem in the case of scenario where drug free treatment is desired for stopping the drug abuse. 

Drug Free Detoxification

The Narconon Fresh Start program believes in philosophy of treating the patients in an innovative manner where the patients are not at all forced to intake the drugs but they are firstly provided with vitamins and supplements to build their body strength. The strength is absolutely vital for these patients as they have posses really damaged vital body organs. The sauna therapy is used to remove the alcohol metabolites and harmful materials from the human body. These materials and substances are a continuous cause of problems in the human body and tend to cause cravings that are often unbearable by patients. It also entices them to take drugs no matter what. 

The detoxification program is intended to help the patients that do not want any chemicals or are unable to cope with the medical drugs as they have not got enough bodily immunity. The sauna therapy, workout, jogging, etc. are designed to especially expel out the harmful materials from the human body. These substances are expelled in a way that does not torture and harm the patients as they do not have to use any odd means to rid of the craving enticing materials. Due to the drug free detoxification philosophy the Narconon Fresh Start program fits best for all scenarios.